The future of extra-curricular education in KhMAD Russia

It’s no a secret in today’s world child-development, be it arts, sports, or others, is no cheap endeavour. For instance, with hockey, the league might be free, but unexpected costs may be skates, a stick, and puck. Or in art: brushes, canvas, paints. And cheap is more expensive over time. What can we say about paid-participation? Not every parent can afford lessons for their child to learn modern dance or English. Talents must be honed, and that takes money. What if isn’t any?

Trends in the non-profit sector of the economy and the system of its financing in Russia  

Importance. It is essential to evaluate and analyze the development of the non-profit sector regarding its potential and actual role in public life. The macroeconomic aspect of the civil society’s organizations and their financing system in Russia has not been adequately studied yet, thus making this research rather relevant. 

Objectives. The research is of empirical and theoretical nature. It pursues determining changes in what non-profit organizations contribute to the national economy. It examines development trends within the “third sector” of the economy.

Vancouver home donated to city for affordable housing, community services

It’s a classic Kitsilano house from the early 20th century, one of a row of them on a quiet side street only three blocks from the water.

Like all of the houses in the area, its value has shot into the stratosphere in the last half century, and it was assessed at $2.89-million in the most recent year.

Now, the former home of Eric and Florence Pierce on West Third Avenue has been turned over to the City of Vancouver in perpetuity to be used for affordable housing and community activities – a rare occurrence. Mr. Pierce died in 2011.

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