Film Republic (NPO)

Nov 2017 – Apr 2019


Unified Media center of Federal importance for children and adolescents.​

We provide access to quality project-oriented extra education. We broadcast important values. We form the culture of cinema and theatre art and media space through educational work. We give children and adolescents the opportunity to participate in the process of creating a film product, organize seminars, workshops, mini-sessions on the basis of NPO "Film Republic".

We teach the basics of professional activity in the field of supplementary education in the framework of early career guidance of children and adolescents


Co-founder & Program Manager



- Raised ~₽10M (CA$200K / US$150K) from private and government sources.

- Won 3 municipal and 2 federal awards for “Integration of theatrical and cinema art in the field of education and social adaptation”.

- Designed and implemented a diversified financial strategy to provide Film Republic with independence from funders.

- Expanded the school by acquiring additional staff and workspace (eventually the whole building).

A/B Testing - Optimizely, Agile CRM, Google Analytics, Microsoft Forecaster, SWOT analysis, Wix

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