"Film Republic"
Genre: Art-House
Country Russia
Year: 2019

Microfilm Cult of Success 

Dec 2019 – Feb 2018

Short description of the film: Modern success ... everyone understands it in their own way or there is imposed by society, in particular, social networks, opinion? How does a teenager get any approval? Where is the line between the cult of success and real positive actions? The heroine of the microfilm in search of an answer reaches the last line between oblivion and the future. Meeting with the same teenager for a few moments helps her to understand and accept the true picture. What is the real value of life? What part of being are you? The authors are looking for answers to these questions.

1. Berezhnaya Tatiana

2.Lenitsky Andrey Vladimirovich

3. A. Ustin M.

4. Agunovich (Mochalova) Raisa Valentinovna


Karpol Ekaterina Alekseevna

Habibullin Usman Samatovich

Galchenko, Valery Alexandrovich

@huskysiber 2019​