Hungarian Nature

Apr 2019 – Present



The popularization of the cultural, historical and ecological heritage of Hungary among youth in the media; emphasize awareness of ecological importance and ecological issues; help people get a better understanding of what WWF Hungary does- a good example for a future profession choice related to the ecological field.



It is vitally important to shape the young generation's perception about the issue of species existence. We will create an interesting educational experience that will allow us to gather more audience and raise awareness among adolescents. Using multimedia engagement (Audio- Video and testing experience see the Appendix) we hope to achieve better audience involvement.





A co-operative project with WWF Hungarian Foundation and The Prague Civil Society Center. Broadcast of cultural, historical, and ecological heritage of Hungary among youth in the Internet media through audio- video media (3 educational films) and gamified experiences. The films are focused on the social activism around animals from WWF Hungary's species programs.


Adobe Photoshop, Agile CRM, Wix


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