Socially conscientious software engineer/ project coordinator-manager with a penchant for education-oriented projects, typically by non-profit organizations. I have been involved in promotional management, creative conception, campaign development, digital & social strategy, government relations, community management, and grant writing for clients. 


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Film Republic (NPO)

"Film Republic"

Organisation's aim is to enable children with disabilities in

Nizhnevartovsk to get involved in film production and theatre.

Theme          Theatre

"Film Republic"

Career-development program in partnership with the regional

youth development centre and the youth correctional system's


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Hungarian Nature

WWF Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Online educational project.

A co-operative project with WWF Hungarian Foundation

and The Prague Civil Society Center.

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Accessible Education for Children

Ministry of Education

A mechanism of financial support for extracurricular education, designed to explore educational paths. Also allows assigning a portion of financial support for educational courses. The system is also revealing especially popular extracurriculars facilitating providers to respond to actual demand.


"Film Republic"

Cartoon workshop where children learn to create their own cartoons, using “classic” (frame-by-frame shooting) animation. Cartoon characters are designed, then constructed, from

plasticine, paper, Legos, etc.

Microfilm Cult of Success 

"Film Republic"

Modern success ... everyone understands it in their own way or there is imposed by society, in particular, social networks, opinion? How does a teenager get any approval? 

Take the Torch


Take the Torch is a compelling memoir from one of BC’s most widely accomplished and animated politicians, Ian Waddell, QC. Waddell takes us on a journey through his life and career as a storefront lawyer, an NDP Member of Parliament, a Minister of Culture, a writer, a teacher, a film producer and more―delivering a smart, humorous, endearing and impossible-to-forget exploration of public life.

Why young people don't vote

Triple Threat Films Inc.

The Drop: Why Young People Don't Vote

Do young people avoid voting because they are careless and just want to party, or is there something deeper going on? • 50 min

Broadcast on TVO and CPAC. 

THE DROP won "The Best Producer" Award in Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016.


Status TV

Educational Videos with gamified experience for children on YouTube channel. 

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